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Christian Teaching For Men

As the title suggests, this is the part of our website that's just for men.

So if you're a woman, you should probably take this opportunity to relax and watch a chick flick or something. Just kidding! You can stay if you're really that curious. Who knows you might learn a thing or two about men that you didn't already know.

Anyway, sometimes the propaganda suggests that it's a man's world and if you're a man, then you've automatically got it made.

Unfortunately, that's just not true. I'm sure it's not easy being a woman, especially when they've got to put up with some of us men!

But reality is, it's not easy being a man, either. Men are under pressure today like never before. We're being bombarded with opinions as to what we should act like, think like, and talk like. And when it really comes down to it, we're very often being pressed into a mould that really doesn't fit.

Take, for instance, the idea of being a SNAG - a Sensitive New Age Guy. I'm all for being sensitive. A lot of the time, men sabotage their own relationships, careers, even their lives, just by being inconsiderate and unloving. But the ultimate goal of so much of the hype is to try to make men like women.

We're supposed to think like them, smell like them, be hairless like them, love what they love, and do what they do.

But unfortunately for that theory, we're still men. We're different from women, and it's not just the plumbing. We're wired differently, we think differently, and therefore we speak and act differently. That's not meant to be an excuse for bad behaviour. But it is important that we understand that there are reasons we can never be like a woman.

I'll be the first to admit that most men could lift their game - a lot. But when we try to be like women, it only creates pressures that make us even worse at being male. Let's face it, being male is God's design. He created us in His image, to provide one-half of the picture. Women were also created in His image, to provide the other half of the picture.

Anyway, I hope you get a lot out of this section. It isn't long and involved - yet. But at this stage there's just a few articles which hopefully will help you to be better at what God designed you to be - a man.

Some of this section of the website is M-rated, so if you're the sensitive type that swoons when someone starts talking about body parts, maybe you should skip this section altogether.

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