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Topical Sermon Outlines.

Using These Outlines

Topical sermons are sermons that explore a particular theme. They can be stand-alone messages such as you will find listed below. Or, you can develop a series of messages such as you can find in our Topical Sermon Outlines - Series section.

Stand-alone topical sermons fulfil an important function. Even if you regularly preach series, sometimes you need a sermon for a specific date.

This could be for several reasons. Maybe you figured your sermon series was too long and decided either to take a break or abandon it altogether. Maybe something happened to throw your preaching planner out. God does that sometimes. Another possibility is that, despite all your prayer-based planning, the Holy Spirit makes it clear that you need to speak to your church on a particular theme.

Whatever the reason, we've got some great topical sermon outlines we hope you like.

The List So Far

Here's what's available so far:


Entering God's Rest


Forgiving Others

Jonah - Half-Hearted Obedience


Winds of Change