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HotSermons: About Us

If you are receiving resources from HotSermons, that's great. But I think you have every right to ask, "Who are these people?"

Well, as you will already know, my name is Tony Llewellyn, and I am a pastor in Australia. More specifically, I pastor at a church called New Hope Brisbane - part of Christian Life Churches International (CLCI) - on the northern outskirts of Brisbane.

Since coming to Christ in 1975, I have spent almost all of that time involved in leadership. In fact, I have held most leadership positions. I have been pastor, assistant pastor, music director, worship leader, musician, elder, pastoral deacon, follow-up coordinator, church bookshop manager, home group leader, and more.

Whew! I'm almost sounding important!

But when all is said and done, I don't consider those to be my greatest qualifications. Nor is it the leadership training I've done. Nor is it my Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry.

I'm happy about all of that. But my greatest qualifications are first that I love God and have walked with Him consistently since the day I was born again. And second, that I have been married for over thirty-five years to my awesome wife Alli, still love her (and she loves me!), and have never committed adultery. And third, that I have two grown-up children who still love and respect me.

Anyway, you'll probably still want to know a little bit more than that. I don't want to say too much. You can glean most of the relevant facts from this website. I've written about a dozen books, taught music for a decade (including songwriting), preached in several countries, and am currently pastoring. Alli is a very intelligent woman with a whole string of letters after her name, including a Masters degree in counselling.

And that's about it. Hope you get a lot out of HotSermons.Com.

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Just one more thing. This site is supported by advertising. Imagine my horror when I visited my own website and found advertising for dating and alluringly-dressed girls.

This is a Christian website and that's definitely not what we want here. I think I've fixed that issue, but if you see any ads at all that are inappropriate, please report it to me at