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Sermon Illustrations: Money

Prior to going to Madeley, a contemporary of Wesley's named Fletcher was informed by his patron, Mr. Hill, that he could live in Durham in Cheshire. He said, "The parish is small, the duty is light, the income is good and is situated in a fine healthy sporting country." "Alas, sir," Fletcher replied. "Durham will not suit me. There is too much money (?400 pa) and too little labour." Hill said, "Few clergymen make such objections. It is a pity to decline such a living, as I do not know that I can find you another. Would you like Madeley?" "That sir would be the very place for me." "If you prefer Madeley, I shall find no difficulty in persuading the present vicar to exchange it for Durham, which is worth more than twice as much."

Howard Hughes was a manufacturer, aviator and motion picture producer who died in 1976 aged 70. Indication of wealth: In 1966 he sold his Trans World Airlines shares for over $500M. He had great wealth. Yet he became deranged and emaciated from poor diet and excess drugs. He died a recluse. His wealth didn't help him.

A man was caught trying to get into heaven with a sack over his shoulders. Peter said, "So, what's in the sack?" The man looked sheepish and said, "As many bars of gold as I could carry." Peter shook his head and asked incredulously, "You brought pavers?"

Ps 19:10 - God's Word is worth more than all the gold. But how many Christians sacrifice it because they want more money, or an X-rated testimony, or to pursue other things.

If more money and work will keep you out of church, the devil says, "I'll give it to you".

You tell me what you've spent your money on over the last year, and I can tell you the things that are dear to your heart.

More than half a billion (one in four) of the world's children live on less than $1 a day. Compassion Website

Every 2.7 seconds, a child under five years dies from hunger and related causes. Compassion Website

Several centuries ago, John Ward, a member of British Parliament prayed, "O Lord, You know that I have nine houses in the city of London, and that I have lately purchased an estate in Essex. I beseech You to preserve the two counties of Middlesex and Essex from fire and earthquakes. And as I have also a mortgage in Hertfordshire, I beg You also to have an eye of compassion on that county, and for the rest of the counties, You may deal with them as You may. O Lord, enable the banks to answer all their bills, and make all the debtors good men. Give prosperous voyage and safe return to the Mermaid Sloop, because I have not insured it. And because You have said, 'The days of the wicked are but short,' I trust You that You will not forget Your promise, as I have an estate that I will inherit on the death of that poor profligate young man, Sir J. L. Preserve me from thieves and housebreakers, and make all my servants so honest and faithful that they may always attend to my interests, and never cheat me out of my property night or day."

If things bought happiness, we'd be a delirious nation. Ministry Advantage, Module 6, p14