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Video Sermons

These videos can be freely shown in churches, Bible colleges, Bible studies or for personal use. They can also be used for conducting online church. Pastor Tony Llewellyn is the Director of HotSermons.Com and the pastor of Life Links Church in Ararat, Victoria, Australia.

The Lord's Prayer (6 Messages)

This is a 6-part series based on the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 6:9-13. In these videos, Pastor Tony Llewellyn explores the richness of The Lord's Prayer, bringing out the depth of meaning in the text.

Powerhouse Church (11 Messages - eventually)

This is an 11-part series based on Acts 2:40-47. In these videos, we explore the various aspects of the church in Jerusalem at that time, and see the dynamics that made it truly a powerhouse church.

Faith (8 Messages)

This is an 8-part series based on the topic of faith. In these videos, we look at what faith is, how to build faith, how to get it and protect it, its relationship to obedience, how faith is necessary for tough times, and more.

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