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About these sermon outlines on The Fruit of the Spirit


As branches of the Vine, each one of us is expected ot bear fruit in keeping with our walk with the Lord.

This fruit is not something that we ourselves can produce in our own strength. However, God has blessed us with His Holy Spirit who works in us to produce the kind of fruit that God desires.

This series does bot begin where you might expect it to, which is on the topic of 'love.' Instead, because I think that the Bible clearly teaches the centrality of love as a Christian value, I have left it till last. Saving the best for last, you might say.

This series of sermon outlines, based on Galatians 5:23, has the following messages available:

Fruit of the Sprit: 1. Joy

Fruit of the Sprit: 2. Peace

Fruit of the Sprit: 3. Longsuffering

Fruit of the Sprit: 4. Kindness

Fruit of the Sprit: 5. Goodness

Fruit of the Sprit: 6. Faithfulness

Fruit of the Sprit: 7. Gentleness

Fruit of the Sprit: 8. Self-control

Fruit of the Sprit: 9. Love for God

Fruit of the Sprit: 10. Love Your Neighbour

Fruit of the Sprit: 11. The Secrets of Fruitfulness

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