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Romans 1:26-32 | Romans 2:1-16 | Romans 2:17-29
Romans 3:1-8 | Romans 3:9-20 | Romans 3:21-31
Romans 4:1-12 | Romans 4:13-25 | Romans 5:1-5
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Romans 8:1-11 | Romans 8:12-17
Romans 8:18-27 | Romans 8:28-39

Expository Bible Studies: Romans

About These Expository Bible Studies on Romans

These expository Bible studies on the Book of Romans are based on what is probably the most important book in the Bible.

Romans has been described as the Christian Constitution. In it, Paul lays out the blueprint for the Christian life. What has Christ achieved for us on the cross? How can we deal effectively with the power of sin? What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? These questions, and more, are dealt with in the Book of Romans as Paul presents what he describes as "my gospel." (Romans 2:16 and Romans 16:25)

Beginning in chapter one, Paul's entire thought processes are entirely logical as he maps out the predicament of the human race. He explains how all of humanity are not only subject to the power of sin, but accountable to God whether or not they have access to God's written law.

From there, he demonstrates the futility of trying to earn God's favour and forgiveness by doing good works. Having done that, he shows that the only solution is faith in the grace of God which offers forgiveness of sin through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

But in Paul's view, forgiveness is not enough. It is one thing to forgiven for our sins, but how do we break free from the power of sin in our lives? This too has been taken care of by the cross of Christ as he begins to unfold the concept of co-crucifixion.

But wait, there's more. Chapter eight deals with some magnificent themes including, walking in the Spirit, our adoption as sons of God, the redemption of our bodies, our final glorification, as well as seeing the trials of this life in the light of these truths.

In my opinion, the study of the book of Romans is essential to victorious living.

These are the studies available:

Romans Chapter 1

Romans 1:1-7    Romans 1:8-17    Romans 1:18-25    Romans 1:26-32

Romans Chapter 2

Romans 2:1-16    Romans 2:17-29

Romans Chapter 3

Romans 3:1-8    Romans 3:9-20    Romans 3:21-31

Romans Chapter 4

Romans 4:1-12    Romans 4:13-25

Romans Chapter 5

Romans 5:1-5    Romans 5:6-11    Romans 5:12-21

Romans Chapter 6

Romans 6:1-10    Romans 6:11-23

Romans Chapter 7

Romans 7:1-12    Romans 7:13-25

Romans Chapter 8

Romans 8:1-11    Romans 8:12-17    Romans 8:18-27    Romans 8:28-39

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