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Sermon Illustrations: Youth

When I look at today's young people I fear for the future of civilization. Aristotle (Born 384 BC)

Alfred Tennyson wrote his first volume at 18. Napoleon had conquered Italy at 25. Byron and Raphael both died at 37. Newton made some of his greatest discoveries before 25. Victor Hugo wrote a tragedy at 15. John Keats lived just 26 years. Franz Schubert died at 31. He wrote more than 110 musical compositions, more than 60 of them lyric songs of rare beauty. James Watt started work on the steam engine at 24. Edison at 26 was already famous. Bell patented the telephone at 29. Westinghouse invented air brakes at 22. Einstein propounded the theory of relativity at 26. Pasteur revolutionised chemistry at 25.

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