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Sermon Illustrations: Will Of God

There is a prerequisite for knowing the will of God; and it's this - being willing to do it - God does not say to you, "I'll show you my will and then I'd like you to decide if you'd like to do it." He does not reveal His will so that you can speculate on it, so that you can think about it, or so you can take it to a church board meeting and vote on it. God reveals His will to people who are committed to do it no matter what it is. Bob Orr

Acceptable will of God: God never says, "That's not really what I want, but I suppose it's okay. Carry on."

God's will and God's timing: I always like to say that my wife and I have complementary ministries - she likes to cook and I like to eat. One of her portfolios is the Ministry to the Interior. But she has this extraordinary ability. If the cooking were left up to me, we would have burnt potatoes, raw meat and cold peas. But she has the ability to cook a baked dinner and time it so that everything hits the table hot. And it's all about timing - and if the timing isn't right, you don't get a meal that's good.

If God planned you before the world began, do you think He would make it hard for you to find His will? Some people think that the will of God is like an invisible door which you've got to find. And God is standing behind it, and when you walk past it God says, "Ha, ha, you missed. Too bad for you."

Trying to maintain control in your life as a Christian, is like holding one side of a horse's reins while the Lord holds the other side. It's going to cause major problems.

Ruth was gleaning and Boaz just happened to see her. From that "chance" meeting, she became the great-grandmother of David, and ultimately an ancestor of Jesus Himself.

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