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Sermon Illustrations: Vision


There was a time when Spain possessed the territory both sides of the Straits of Gibraltar. So on their coins they stamped the two Pillars of Hercules, which is what the two promontories of rock were called. And on a scroll the words, "No more beyond." Meaning there ain't nothing else out there. Then came the discovery of the New World, and with it the realisation that there was in fact something else out there. So they changed the coins to read, "More beyond." Mostly our limits don't come from God, but they come from within us. As you look at your life, has fear or some other negative thing burned into your life, "No more beyond"? Or are you convinced that there is indeed more beyond, and that you're going to reach out for it?

An eagle can see a mouse from a mile above the earth.

If you shoot for the stars, at least you'll hit the top of the mountain. But if you aim for the ground, you'll hit the ground.

Imagine doing a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the front. You have to be able to see what you're aiming for.

Peter Daniels interviewing billionaires: "Do you have any regrets?" Without any exception, they reply, "I never thought big enough."

My Collection of Jokes, Quotes & Anecdotes

A swimmer asked his coach, "When will I get my Olympic gold medal?" The coach took him to the pool, held his head under water until he began to struggle. Then he said, "This is your answer." He went on to tell him that he'd get his gold medal when he wanted to be the best in his sport as desperately as he wanted to get his breath of air.

Fulfilling a vision takes concrete planning. A little boy was repeatedly invited and coaxed to take a handful of sweets from a jar. After failing to gain the boy's cooperation, the storekeeper finally reached in a pulled out a handful. Outside, his mother asked, "Why didn't you take the sweets when they were offered?" "I could have," replied the little boy. "But the storekeeper's hand is bigger than mine."

Those who confessed achieved 20% of their goals. Those who confessed and visualised with a degree of clarity achieved 80% of their goals. Those who confessed, visualised with a degree of clarity, and felt the emotions achieved 100% of their goals. Pacific Institute of Seattle.


...when you set no goals for growth, you set your goals for no growth. Robert Schuller Your Church Has Real Possibilities

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Sir Isaac Newton

In one church in the UK, the elders had spent two board meetings from 7pm to midnight discussing whether to change the bulbs in the sanctuary from 60 watts to 100 watts. Wynn Lewis

Focus always creates blindness. Tom Moffett

A short pencil is better than a long memory. James deMelo on Hab 2:2-3

I believed in something, I wrote it down and I trained. James deMelo on how he became Mr Teenage America in 1983.

Some men see things as they are and say "why?" I dream things that never were and say, "Why not?" Robert F Kennedy (Also George B Shaw.)

Don't share your 90 cm vision with a 1 cm mind. If you ever share your vision with a 1 cm mind, they will always create it smaller. James deMelo

Double vision will cause headaches. James deMelo

Reinhardt Bonnke couldn't get fifty people to his first meetings in Africa. Now he's getting seven million. James deMelo

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