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Sermon Illustrations: Value

Imagine a bicycle on sale at around $300. Suppose the world's oil reserves were totally exhausted, and the motor car became obsolete overnight. How much is that $300 bicycle going to sell for now? $500? $700? $1000? $1500? Whatever it is, you can rest assured that it won't stay at $300. It will now be valued at much more because, whereas before many people weren't interested in that bike, now everyone needs it because it's the only way they can get around. It's the same bike, but a value has been set on it from outside itself. Whereas previously, you might say, "You're kidding! $300 for a bike?" Now you're bragging: "Hey I got it for only $700!" It's the same with us. We are the same people whatever our works, but God has set a value on us according to His own love, and not according to our works.

When God measures a person, He places the measuring-tape around the heart and not the mind. Augustine

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