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Sermon Illustrations: Unbelief

A man and his dog were walking the beach when they came upon another visitor to the beach. The owner of the dog was proud of his dog's newly mastered feat, so he said to the visitor, "Watch this!" whereupon he tossed a piece of driftwood far out into the sea and the dog immediately ran on top of the ocean, fetched the wood, and ran back. The visitor just shook his head in disbelief. Whereupon the owner repeated the procedure twice. Finally he asked the visitor, "Did you notice anything unusual?" The visitor responded, "Your dog can't swim, can he?"

Nov 1837, distinguished British physicist Dionysius Lardner proved mathematically with equations nobody could question, a steamship would be incapable of a non-stop voyage to New York. Printed copies of his proof arrived in New York 24th April, 1838 - aboard the Sirius - the first ship to cross the Atlantic entirely by steam.

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