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Sermon Illustrations: Timing


God's will and God's timing: I always like to say that my wife and I have complementary ministries - she likes to cook and I like to eat. One of her portfolios is the Ministry to the Interior. But she has this extraordinary ability. If the cooking were left up to me, we would have burnt potatoes, raw meat and cold peas. But she has the ability to cook a baked dinner and time it so that everything hits the table hot. And it's all about timing - and if the timing isn't right, you don't get a meal that's good.

In 1869, a man was riding in his cart in Victoria when he noticed something in the track. He got down to look at it, and saw it was a nugget of gold. It weighed 2,280.25 troy ounces. That's a lot of gold. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

A woman rang her husband on his mobile phone. "Where are you?" she asked. "I'm at work in my office, of course. Where do you think I am?" "Well I know you're not at work." "Why would you think that?" "Because you work at the World Trade Centre and I'm watching the footage showing the buildings collapsing." He was in a motel room with another woman.

God's never late for anything. He may not fit in with our time programme, but you'll never end up having a time when you're sitting around drumming your fingers, looking at your watch, and then God turns up. "Where have You been?" He's always on time, and His timing is always exactly right.

The most important thing that ever happened to this planet was the coming of Jesus. You'd think that God would be in a real hurry. But Jesus was a full-term baby. Conception, development, birth, growth.

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