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Sermon Illustrations: Teamwork


When the Navy SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden returned to the United States, President Barack Obama made a special point of going to meet them. When he asked which one of them fired the fatal shot, one of the team replied, "We all did, sir."

What two people have in common may bring them together, but what makes them different tells their fortune. Time Magazine 30th December, 2002 - 6th January, 2003 p 71

By flying in a "V" formation, a flock of geese increases flight efficiency by 71% compared to a single bird flying alone. When a goose leaves the formation he feels the resistance of the air and the difficulty of flying alone. Then, he quickly returns to the formation to take advantage of the flock's power in front of him. When the leader gets tired, he goes to the end of the formation and another goose takes the lead. As the geese continue to fly in their "V" formation, those following quack to encourage those in the front. In that way they maintain their speed. When a goose gets sick, is injured, or can't keep up and must leave the formation, other geese leave too. They stay with him until he dies or is able to fly again, then rejoin the group or join another formation. Source unknown


I need partners who aren't on the beach drinking lattes while I'm working my tail off trying to catch fish. Shaun Hansen

I'm just called to a few things. Everybody else is called to the other things. It's called team. Paul Ruzinsky (Cf. Esther 4:14)

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