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Sermon Illustrations: Stress


You know you're in trouble if, while being wheeled into Intensive Care, you try to answer your mobile.

Driving is one of the sources of stress. Researchers conducted a study in San Francisco a number of years ago. Businessmen were asked to wear a pulse counter on their wrists, and at set times during the day to note down their pulse rate and what they were doing at the time. These men were battling deadlines, involved in important business deals, arguing with competitors and generally living at a frantic pace. Yet the time when they were most stirred up, as measured by their pulse rates was when driving to and from work.

The US FDA has approved a Prozac-type dug for depressed dogs. This is good, because it's hard for dogs to get therapy - they're never allowed on the couch. Colin Quinn on Saturday Night Live as quoted in Reader's Digest October, 2006 p 41

It was 28th April, 1988 and flight 243 was en route to Honolulu with 89 passengers. Twenty-three minutes after take-off, a small section of the roof was suddenly torn away. The sudden decompression resulted in the entire top of the aircraft - from behind the cockpit to the forewing - being ripped off. Flight attendant Clarabelle Lansing was sucked right out of the plane to her death. When the captain looked behind him, all he saw was blue sky. Despite everything, an emergency landing was made ten minutes later, with the flight attendant being the only fatality. A full-scale investigation was launched. The result? It was determined that the problem was caused by metal fatigue. Metal fatigue is the "progressive, permanent structural damage"1 that occurs when it is subjected to normal stresses over a prolonged period.


The greatest industrial cost in the USA is executives having heart attacks. Tom Marshall

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