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Sermon Illustrations: Servanthood


In Japan, if someone is to run the company, they first work through every job in the company, even if they're the boss's son.

A true servant will do anything to help, but a master walks past the litter on the floor; that's the master mentality.

In ancient times the slave was seen as a tool much like a hammer or shovel, and there were three kinds of tools. Mute, like a shovel; it can't talk or communicate in any way. Inarticulate, like a donkey; it can make a noise but has limited communicative ability. And articulate, like a human being; it can talk. So if you hit your finger with a hammer and got angry you had a perfect right to smash that hammer to pieces. If your donkey didn't move when you wanted it to, you had every right to whip it. And if you didn't like the way your slave looked at you, you had every right to beat him or do whatever you liked to him.

The only job you can get where you start at the top is digging holes.

Remember, the ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic was built by professionals.

A healthy body cleans itself, scratches itself, exercises itself, shaves itself, brushes its hair and teeth, feeds itself, waters itself - as well as all the things that go on inside the body to keep it running. The body takes care of itself. More specifically, the members of the body serve other members of the body. And every member of the body is involved in some capacity. No member of the body is superfluous, each one has a function. With this in mind, God has designed each member of the body for its unique function.


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We all want to get titles, but we need to be walking in job descriptions. Doug Stringer

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