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Sermon Illustrations: Selfishness

According to legend, one of the old saints was on a journey and met up with two travellers. One of them was really greedy, and the other was a very envious man. When they were parting ways, the saint said that he would grant them both a wish. The first one to make a wish would get whatever he asked for, but the second one to make a wish would get double what the first man asked for. The two men walked on. And even though they both knew what they wanted, each of them was determined not to go first. Finally, one of them could stand it no longer. He grabbed his companion by the throat and said, “If you don’t make your wish right now, I’ll choke you to death.” The other man coughed and spluttered and said, “Fine, I’ll make my wish. I wish that I was blind in one eye.” Immediately, he went blind in one eye, and his companion lost sight in both eyes.

Egotist: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.

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