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Sermon Illustrations: Maturity

Maturity puts others first. You won't see a father pouting and saying about a baby, "It's not fair. He's getting fed before me."

A baby doesn't put others first. A baby doesn't think when it's hungry, "I'll wait till later before I cry for food. They've got visitors."

In a safari park there were a number of white rhinos. They also brought in some young elephants, but it was too expensive to also bring in the old elephants. One morning soon after, they checked on the rhinos and found them all dead. At first they thought it might have been poachers but there were no bullet holes. What had happened was, after the young male elephants had impregnated the female elephants, they had killed the rhinos. They discovered that they needed the old bull elephants to keep the younger ones under control. They brought them in and there were no more problems.

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