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Sermon Illustrations: Judgment

A lady who had been on the Titanic before it sank said that the people who were on deck were getting pieces of ice from the iceberg, throwing them around, and even putting them in their drinks. People can be so close to judgment or disaster and yet not know.

This story was told by Wayne Bennett, who was then coach of the Brisbane Broncos rugby league team: A Canberra footballer did some mowing in his spare time to earn a bit of extra cash. One day, he'd had a bit too much to drink and was driving along when he spotted an RBT (Random Breathalyser Test) up ahead. Thinking quickly, he pulled over, took the mower off the truck, and began mowing the footpath. A man came out of the house and asked, "What're you doing?" "It's okay, mate," said the footballer. "There's an RBT just up the road. If I suddenly turned my truck around, they would have chased me. Do you recognise me?" "No. Who are you?" asked the man. "I'm on the Canberra football team." "Yeah? Well do you recognise me?" "No," said the footballer. "I'm the local police sergeant. You can finish mowing here, then the front lawn, then the back. Then you can go."

How could God punish harmless, innocent people? That's not God's problem - because there aren't any harmless, innocent people. God's problem is how can He forgive wicked sinners? Derek Prince - the Roman Pilgrimage cassette series

Imagine you are speeding along - 30ks over the limit. The police pull you up and begin to write out a ticket, when suddenly you cry out, "Hold on officer! I think you ought to know that I mowed my neighbour's lawn this morning. And not only that, I helped a little old lady cross the road." "Well, I didn't know that," says the policeman. "Why didn't you say so in the first place? That's two good deeds, and one bad deed. I guess I better let you go." How likely is that to happen? Not very. The policeman doesn't care which laws you've kept - he's still going to book you for the one you broke.

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When God measures a person, He places the measuring-tape around the heart and not the mind. Augustine

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