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Sermon Illustrations: Integrity


A preacher got on a bus and discovered he had been given too much change. When he was getting off the bus, he told the bus driver who replied, "I know". "Why did you give me too much?" asked the preacher. "I was in church yesterday and heard you preach," replied the driver. "I wanted to see if you were worth listening to."

A young non-Christian man applied for a job as an architect. They called him up and asked him to come in. When he did, they offered him the job at $150,000. It was a great opportunity, but just as he was about to sign the agreement, he was told, "You are expected to look after your clients, wine, dine, and take them to girlie places. I hope your wife will understand." The architect said, "No thanks". "What!" exclaimed the businessman. "This is the opportunity of a lifetime." "No thanks," said the young man. "I'm not willing to sell my values for $150,000." A few days later, he got a promotion from his current boss.

If a man neglects to return $3 too much in his change, he has just sold his integrity for $3.

72-year-old Warren Buffett has a personal fortune estimated to be $30.5 billion (U.S.) - "second only to Bill Gates". He "once raised $210,000 at a charity auction for his 20-year-old wallet, with a stock tip inside". This was because of his reputation. Time magazine 10-3-03 p45

Two lawyers set up a partnership and agreed to divide all their income equally. On their first day in business, a man made an appointment for some advice. "That will be $100," said one of the lawyers. The client gave him the cash, but unknown to him, there were two notes stuck together. The lawyer was confronted with his first ethical dilemma: Should he tell his partner about the extra cash?

My Collection of Jokes, Quotes & Anecdotes Herald, Ivan The Other Face Of Conflict p110

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