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Sermon Illustrations: God’'s Word


An old lady returned home from a church service to find an intruder in the process of ransacking her house. "Stop!" she yelled. "Acts 2:38!" (which says, "Repent!") The burglar stopped dead while the old lady called the police. As he handcuffed the burglar, the officer asked, "How come you just stood there? All the old lady did was quote a Bible verse." "A Bible verse?" the thief replied. "She said she had an axe and two .38s!"

My mother-in-law hates mangoes. She's hated them for many years. And with good reason. When she was a little girl, she was brought up on a dairy farm. And since it made good sense to drink the milk they produced rather than buying it from the shop, they kept a house cow in a shed next to the house and it provided milk for the family. Unfortunately, the property next door had a mango tree which hung over the fence, and mangoes dropped on the property. The cow loved to eat the mangoes, and the result, believe it or not, was mango-flavoured milk - all the time. So to this day, she can't stand mangoes. And she was about 12 years old before she discovered that all milk wasn't mango flavoured. Nobody knows better than that cow that what you eat flavours what you produce. This also applies to spiritual food - God's Word.

If you have time to watch TV or read a novel, a magazine, or a newspaper every day, but don't have time to read God's Word, you love TV (etc) more than God's Word.

A good compass always points to true north, no matter what. God's Word is our life compass. We should use it to make sure that we're pointing in the right direction.

A man who goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, I'm coughing my heart out. It feels like my lungs are burning up." "Let's take a look," says the doctor. So the doctor examines him. "It's not looking good. But you're in luck. I've got a bottle of medicine here. The instructions are on the bottle. It'll clear this up in three days." Five days later the man returns. "Doctor, you told me this stuff would cure me in three days. I'm not getting better. I'm getting worse." "Did you read the instructions?" the doctor asks. "Of course I read the instructions," the man replies. "It says..." The doctor snatches the bottle out of his hand. "Gimme that bottle. This bottle is unopened." "You didn't say I had to open it." "Listen, you came in to see me. I examined you. I diagnosed your problem. I gave you the medicine. Now it's over to you." How many Christians know that God's Word has power to transform their lives, to heal, to deliver, to give wisdom, to counsel, but they just never seem to get around to reading it on a regular basis?

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If you could buy a cure-all pill that was guaranteed to heal any sickness, how valuable would it be to you? Wouldn't you guard it? Keep it close? Think of it as very precious? God's Word has solutions to all mankind's ills, and yet sometimes Christians don't even read it.


Do we Christians have time to eat daily, but no time to get into the Word? Do we have time to read the newspaper every day, but not the Bible? Time enough to glue ourselves to the TV set, but no time for the Scriptures? What does all of this say about our values? Radmacher, Earl D. You and Your Thoughts

We must stand for the Word of God or we will fall for anything.

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