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Sermon Illustrations: Fasting


A long time ago, an Aborigine who probably should have been a physicist was sitting around thinking when he realised something. "If I move my arm in an arc, the tips of my fingers will have travelled a greater distance than my elbow. Yet they will have done it in the same amount of time. Therefore, if velocity = distance divided by time, the tips of my fingers must have moved more quickly than my elbow." Then he got an idea. "If I can somehow extend the length of my arm, I will be able to throw my spear much more quickly and for a greater distance." And that was how he invented the woomera - a device to extend the length of the arm for the purpose of throwing spears. Now stay with me here; this has a point. The relationship between prayer and fasting is like the relationship between the woomera and the spear. The spear is a very effective weapon, all by itself. But when you combine it with the woomera, it's much more powerful.


We don't fast in order to get something from God; we fast in order to align our hearts with the Father's heart. Ché Ahn, and Lou Engle The Call Revolution

If the Christian's fiercest battles are against temptation and the devil, then extended fasting is the atomic weapon in our arsenal! The Call Revolution

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