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Sermon Illustrations: Eternal Life

Debrett's Peerage is the reference to consult if you want to identify anyone who has blood connections to British aristocracy and royalty: a sort of "who's who?". If your name, or that of your immediate family, is not listed there, then there are certain schools, clubs, invitations and social circles that will be forever closed to you. Money alone or good connections will not be able to open these doors - only the "right" blood ties provide the key. There is an assumption which allows this book to go on enjoying its status - i.e. that somehow those who find their names listed, are inherently superior to the rest of mankind; that by virtue of their birthright, they are automatically entitled to exclusive privileges denied to other mere mortals. Imagine then the consternation when during a revision of Debrett's it was discovered that a member of one of its families had been omitted. With a castle and title at stake, the word went out in the international press: "One of our lords is missing", and anyone who felt they may have a legitimate claim, was invited to submit their details. Amazingly, from every part of the globe, over 230,000 people made claims to be the missing peer. Each of these was examined and rejected, until finally he was located: a humble potato farmer in Australia, named Pete. While Pete's family and small country town were rocked by the news, Pete himself was unimpressed. He had no need of a castle and had always marketed his produce as "Pete's Potatoes". He didn't feel that adding Lord to his name would improve his selling power, although he laughingly added that he might consider adding the slogan "fit for a king". There is a second book which records the names of all those who are connected to the greatest King the world has ever known. It's called the Lamb's Book of Life. You will never qualify to be included in it by money, your family tree, social background or achievements. The vacancies in it are unlimited, and can be filled only by invitation. No person or group is excluded from being invited but, like Debrett's, it is the blood tie - with Jesus - which alone can guarantee you entry. If we accept that His shed blood has qualified us for entry, then we will never be ignored, overlooked or inadvertently excluded. Our name will be written there forever, branding us as part of the Royalty of Heaven.1

1 Alli Llewellyn

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