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Sermon Illustrations: Cooperation

The eyes see the food; the hands pick it up; the mouth chews it; the swallowing mechanism swallows it; the stomach digests. Any failure by any of these parts and you have problems. God is counting on every member of the body of Christ to do their job.

Imagine you're an ant. And you're out on your daily forage for food. And all of a sudden you come across this big, fat, juicy, yummy cockroach. And you lick your mandibles and you think, "What a godsend. This'll be enough to feed the whole family for a couple of days." Then, as you look at this thing which is hundreds of times your size, a thought enters your head. This is probably the first thought you've had for days. "How in the world am I going to get this back to the house? And even if I could, what then? It won't even fit in the driveway, let alone getting it through the front door." But this is where the cooperation begins, because on the way back, you leave a little scent trail, using one of the different pheromones you have built in for just such an occasion. So you tell the whole gang that dinner has been served, and all the family pitches in. Bit by bit, the whole thing is carved up into little pieces and brought back to the nest. This is a beautiful illustration of the strength of unity, and it's a picture of how the church is meant to be.

I remember years ago hearing about two churches that united into one. But do you think they understood the real meaning of unity and cooperation? The two formerly different churches would assemble on two different sides of their hall and they'd sing their songs at two different paces!

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