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Sermon Illustrations: Commitment


William Booth travelled five million miles and preached 60,000 sermons in sixty years.

When Salvation Army people dedicated their children in the 1880s, they were warned, "You must be willing that the child should spend all its life in the Salvation Army, wherever God should choose to send it, that it should be despised, hated, cursed, beaten, kicked, imprisoned or killed for Christ?s sake."

"I never go to church", boasted a wandering member. "Perhaps you have noticed that". "Yes I have noticed that" said his pastor. "Well, the reason I don't go is there are so many hypocrites there." "Oh, don't let that keep you away," replied the pastor, smiling blandly. "There is always room for one more you know."

Two men fishing on Sunday morning were feeling pretty guilty, especially since the fish didn't bite. One said to the other, "I feel a bit guilty about not being in church. I guess I should have stayed home and gone to the service." The other replied lazily, "I couldn't have gone to church anyway." "Why not?" "My wife is sick in bed."

One Sunday morning during the service, a 2,000 member congregation was surprised to see two men enter, both covered from head to toe in black, and carrying sub-machine guns. One of the men proclaimed, "Anyone willing to take a bullet for Christ remain where you are." Immediately, the choir fled, the deacons fled, and most of the congregation fled. Out of the 2,000 there only remained around 20. The man who had spoken took off his hood, looked at the preacher and said, "Okay Pastor, I got rid of all the hypocrites. Now you may begin your service. Have a nice day!" And the two men turned and walked out.

Have you heard the story of the hen and the hog? They were walking down the street and came to a church with a sign outside. "Help the needy." They started to talk about it. Hen: "I know how we could help. We could give them ham and eggs for breakfast." The hog was horrified: "That's okay for you. For you it's only a contribution, but for me it's total commitment."

My Collection of Jokes, Quotes & Anecdotes

A man wrote to his girlfriend, "Susie, I love you so much. I would climb the highest mountain, cross the driest desert, sail the most tempestuous seas. See you Sunday if it doesn't rain."

A man got married, they went on their honeymoon, had a fantastic time, and they returned. The first day back, he went to work. His wife cooked him a beautiful meal. But he came home three hours late. "Where have you been?" she demanded. "I'm sorry, I forgot. I went home for dinner to my mother's."


Commitment is what strips away the excuses and makes you get serious about God, because God is serious about you and He's committed to you.

After reality, what keeps the romance is commitment to the covenant. Doug Stringer

We're trying to budget God into our lives, instead of budgeting our lives into God. Mark T. Barclay

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