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About These Expository Sermon Outlines On James

The Lord's Prayer

About The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer - Matt 6:9-13 - has been loved, memorised and recited for centuries.

Although this has been a great way of instilling the word of God into people's lives, it's partly the reason why it's been so misunderstood. Recited passages of Scripture can sometimes lose their meaning as we accurately recount the words, but without really thinking about their meaning.

So what is the real meaning of the Lord's Prayer?

This beautiful prayer, taught by the Lord Himself, covers pretty much every aspect of prayer. Never meant to be simply recited, we see in this series the real meaning of the phrases that Jesus used.

Each phrase is jam-packed full of amazing truths that impact the way we pray. These Expository Sermon Outlines on The Lord's Prayer cover a variety of topics. Here's what's available:

The Sermon Outlines

So far, the series includes:

1. The Father-Son Relationship

2. Your Kingdom Come

3. Our Daily Bread

4. Forgive Us Our Debts

5. Deliver Us from the Evil One

6. Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory

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