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Expository Bible Studies: James

About These Expository Bible Studies on James

These expository Bible studies on the Book of James are full of practical wisdom for everyday living.

For James, Christianity is no mere theoretical belief system. It is totally relevant to daily life. He deals with all sorts of issues from coping with trials to dealing with the tongue.

He outlines the relationship between faith and works in such controversial wording that he earned the ire of Martin Luther who branded his letter an "epistle of straw."

James himself was the half-brother of Jesus who, prior to the resurrection of Christ, had rejected Jesus as the Messiah. (See Mark 3:31-35.) However, after the resurrection, he joined the other believers (see Acts 1:14) because Christ had personally appeared to him (see 1 Corinthians 15:3-7).

After this, James appears to have become the leader of the church in Jerusalem (see Acts 15 as well as Acts 21:18), quite a testimony to the grace of God.

As with most of the stuff on this website, these Bible Studies can be downloaded free. Just click on the icon to download them as a PDF file.

These are the studies available:

James Chapter 1

James 1:1-8    James 1:9-18    James 1:19-20    James 1:21-37

James Chapter 2

James 2:1-13    James 2:14-26

James Chapter 3

James 3:1-12    James 3:13-18

James Chapter 4

James 4:1-10    James 4:11-17

James Chapter 5

James 5:1-12    James 5:13-20

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