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The Alcohol Question

The Alcohol Question

Is it okay to drink alcohol? Or should Christians abstain? This is an issue that has polarised Christians into two extreme viewpoints. Such a lot of unnecessary confusion! So where do we find the answers to these questions?

In The Alcohol Question, Pastor Tony Llewellyn explores the Old and New Testaments in the belief that God's Word, not human opinion, is the ultimate source of truth and that there is no higher authority than Scripture.

This in-depth study on alcohol will show you that, while the Bible clearly warns against drunkenness, there is nowhere in Scripture that prohibits Christians from drinking alcohol in moderation.

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In fact, the use of alcohol is part of the blessing of God and the freedom we have in Christ! However, despite clear statements from the Bible, the debate rages. For instance, one argument put forward to "prove" that Christians should never drink alcohol is based on Proverbs 31:4: It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, nor for princes intoxicating drink.

Since the Bible tells us that we are kings, doesn't this verse tell us to abstain from alcohol? The Alcohol Question explains how you could only come to this conclusion if you take the verse completely out of context and ignore the rest of the passage.

But what about arguments like: Alcohol is such a problem in the world that Christians should abstain for the sake of others. Or: Shouldn't Christian leaders set a higher standard in their conduct? These questions - and more - are dealt with in The Alcohol Question.

But here's the flip side. With freedom comes responsibility and the principle of love. The Bible view is not legalism, nor is it selfishness, but responsible Christian freedom. Don't be left in the dark on this important topic. Buy The Alcohol Question now to discover what the Bible says about Christians and alcohol.

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