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To our African brethren

To our African brethren

I'd love to hear from you!

I am getting more and more requests from pastors and other Christian leaders in African nations to connect with us in ministry. While we are unable to provide funds or hard copies of Bibles or other materials, we’d love to know how we can help you better. Please tell us what you’d like to learn.


Is there an area of theology you'd like to understand better? If so, what sorts of topics would you like to explore? The Bible is full of theology that brings life. It covers topics like justification, atonement, sanctification, glorification and much more.

Please tell me what you need teaching on.


Leadership is a big topic on its own. It covers all sorts of subjects including strategic planning and implementation, building teams, delegating, and so on. I'd love to hear from you and find out what you need to understand better.

Handling money God's way

Money is God's proving ground. He uses money to test our faithfulness, our attitudes, and our willingness to do things His way.

Unfortunately, most people have never had any training in handling money, especially doing it God's way. Is this an area you'd like help with?

So you want to learn how to budget, or how to get out of debt, or how to be a generous giver?


Family life can be complicated. But the Bible is full of practical wisdom for how husbands and wives should relate to each other as well as how to raise children. Add to this all the research that has increased our understanding, and there's an amazing amount of help available to make family life better. What would you like help with?

Bible Study

The Bible is an amazing book, and worth studying diligenly. Unfortunately, many Christian leaders don't know where to start. It is important that pastors and leaders know how best to study their Bibles as well as how to pass on this information to their congregations so that they can study it for themselves.

Do you want help with word studies, expository Bible studies, topical Bible studies, or other kinds of studies?

Preaching and Teaching

The main way that Christian leaders bring their churches to maturity is through preaching and teaching. However, many leaders have had little training in this essential ministry.

What would you like help with in this area? More sermon illustrations? Sermon preparation? Planning?

God bless.

Now, I'd love to know...

What are the areas where you most need help? Please number them in order of importance.

Please leave your reply below!

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