War Zone Sermon Outlines

War Zone is a series of messages on a topic that is in desperate need of being taught in the church today - spiritual warfare. Satan does not want you to teach this material to your congregation. The last thing he wants is believers who are equipped to fight him.

God's plan is for us raise up a generation of powerful warriors, taking the battle to the devil, and not cringing like frightened children or pretending that there's nothing going on.

If you're tired of all the hype, and want material on spiritual warfare that's Bible-based, balanced, and challenging, War Zone is for you.

There are nine messages in this series. You can teach the whole series, or you can break it up into topical segments. Here's what's available:

The War Zone Series

1: What War?

2: The Devil's Tactics

3: The Devil's Tactics Pt 2

4: The Devil's Tactics Pt 3

5: The Armour Of God

6: The Armour Of God Pt 2

7: The Armour Of God Pt 3

8: Offensive Weapons

9: Offensive Weapons Pt 2

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Spiritual warfare is an area of Christian life that is easily relegated to one of two extremes. It is either seen as irrelevant in our enlightened times and therefore ignored. Or it is viewed as an activity to be engaged in on special occasions when the church participates in a spiritual warfare meeting. That's just what the devil would like us to think. This book is based on sound Biblical teaching that every Christian, like it or not, is involved in warfare daily. If you're serious about overcoming the devil, read this book. Topics covered include: Satan's greatest weapon, overcoming temptation, God's Word and other spiritual weapons, how to use the whole armor of God, the real meaning of "in Jesus' name", the power of the blood of Jesus, and more.

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Waging War in the Spirit

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