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Sermon Illustrations: Selling

A man wanted to be a salesman, but he stuttered very badly. There was an ad for a job as a Bible salesman for the Bible Society, and he thought God would help him to do it. At the interview, they heard him stutter and said, "We're sorry, but there's no way you could do this job with that kind of stutter." "Please," he said. "Just give me a chance." They asked him to leave the room so they could discuss it. When he had gone, one of them said, "I have an idea. Let's just give him fifty Bibles and leave him to it. It'll take him years to sell them." So that's what they did. A week later, the man returned. "I've sold them. Can I have some more?" Just at that moment the Executive was in session, so they asked him to come in and explain how he'd done it. "Easy," he said. "I just ask them, 'Would you like to buy a Bible, or would you like me to read it to you?'"