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Sermon Illustrations: Redemption

If you put a couple of dollars in a Coke machine and get a Fanta, you don't care about the thing you got, you're more interested in the fact that you didn't get what you paid for. Is Jesus Christ getting what He paid for?

Back in the days of the Roman Empire a slave might go to the temple treasury and pay money into the treasury to buy his freedom. Technically, he was being purchased by some god or other and might have some religious obligations, but in reality he was now free. With the Jews it was a little different - let's just say that I'm the owner of an ox a few thousand years ago and my ox gores someone so that he dies. The first time it happens I'd be okay. I wouldn't be held accountable for what my ox had done. But if I had already been warned once about the ox's tendency to have a go at people, not only would the ox be stoned but so would I. There was only one way out: I might be allowed to pay for my life. (Ex 21:28-30) That act of buying back my forfeited life, or of the slave buying his freedom was called redemption.