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Sermon Illustrations: Predestination


A bunch of theologians was divided into two groups. One confused person approached the Calvinists. "Who sent you?" they asked. "No one. I came of my own free will." "Well you can't come here." Then he went to the Arminians. "Why'd you choose our group?" "I didn't. They sent me." "Well you can't stay here."

Moses the murderer, Samson the guy with the big mouth, Joshua the liar, Joseph the braggart, Abraham the lying coward, David the adulterer and killer, Rahab the prostitute, Gideon the gutless wonder, Peter the betrayer of the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul the persecutor of the church. God chooses the least likely to do great things.


God doesn't choose the people we might choose; that's why some of us got chosen. Derek Prince.