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Sermon Illustrations: Negativity

Some people are so negative, if you put them in a dark room, they'll develop.

A woman had been brought up to believe that black men will hurt you. She and her husband were visiting a casino and they won a lot of money. They put it into a bucket, but decided they'd go to the restaurant. He said, "Why don't you take the money up to our room, and I'll go into the restaurant, get a table and meet you there." She agreed and walked to the elevator. When she got there the door had just opened and the only people in the lift were two big black men. She felt very uncomfortable and began to turn away. "Are you getting in ma'am," asked one. "No," she said as she started to slink away. So now she was facing away from the lift. From behind she heard a voice: "Hit the floor". So she hit the floor. Money went flying everywhere. The two black men stepped out of the lift: "Are you okay ma'am? We meant hit the floor button to go to our room." They helped her pick up her money, then escorted her to her room. When she got into her room she could hear them laughing all the way down the corridor. The next day, twelve roses were delivered to her room, each with $100 dollars pinned to it. The note said, "Thank you for the best laugh we've had for a while". Signed Eddie Murphy and Michael Jordan. Story originally told by James deMelo