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Sermon Illustrations: Fasting

A long time ago, an Aborigine who probably should have been a physicist was sitting around thinking when he realised something. "If I move my arm in an arc, the tips of my fingers will have travelled a greater distance than my elbow. Yet they will have done it in the same amount of time. Therefore, if velocity = distance divided by time, the tips of my fingers must have moved more quickly than my elbow." Then he got an idea. "If I can somehow extend the length of my arm, I will be able to throw my spear much more quickly and for a greater distance." And that was how he invented the woomera - a device to extend the length of the arm for the purpose of throwing spears. Now stay with me here; this has a point. The relationship between prayer and fasting is like the relationship between the woomera and the spear. The spear is a very effective weapon, all by itself. But when you combine it with the woomera, it's much more powerful.