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Sermon Illustrations: Doubt And Unbelief

The devil had a closing down sale and was selling all his tools and devices of destruction. Someone asked him how much he wanted for the wedge of doubt. He said, "It's not for sale. I can get back into business with that anytime."

Matt 3:16-4:11 - Jesus was baptised in water, and He saw the Holy Spirit descending on Him like a dove. Then He heard a voice, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." We all know what happened next. He went into the wilderness and fasted for forty days where the devil tempted Him. "If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread, throw yourself off the pinnacle of the temple." What was the devil doing? Sowing seeds of doubt. Jesus had just had a very special experience. The Holy Spirit had come upon Him powerfully, God spoke to Him audibly from heaven. Wasn't Satan tempting Him to doubt that experience? To go back on it and think, "Hey, am I really the Son of God? Maybe I didn't really see the dove. Maybe I didn't really hear that voice. Maybe I just imagined it - It's been a while since I've had food."

The spies that Moses sent into the Promised Land sowed seeds of doubt about God's Word into an entire nation.