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Sermon Illustrations: Disagreement

If you really want the last word in an argument try saying, "I guess you're right."

There are often two ways of looking at the same set of facts. A teacher took a worm and dropped it in a glass of beer. It died. Then she took another worm and dropped it in some orange juice. It swam around and jumped out of the glass and raced out of the classroom at 100 miles per hour. The teacher asked Johnny, "What does that show?" He replied, "If you've got worms you should drink beer."

Ascertaining the truth when counselling or mediating in a disagreement is like going to a car yard. There are three prices. There's your price, the sale price, and the real price. The real price is the one you eventually settle on.

Someone once said, "Well I'll agree that you're right, it means so much more to you than it does to me."