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Sermon Illustrations: Culture

Culture is a powerful thing. My wife was talking to the owner of a local fruit shop, and I chimed in and asked his name. "Is Bruno, mate," he said with a strong Italian accent mixed with a good Australian endearment. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I put on my best Italian accent and said jokingly, "Bruno, my name's Antonio." He said, "Antonio, where you from, mate?" I said, "Australia. What about you? What part of Italy you from?" He said, "I'm not from Italy. I'm born and bred in Australia, in Tully." As it turns out, Tully, a small Australian outback town, has such a high percentage of Italians, that even those born and raised there still speak with an Italian accent.

A 500 year-old frozen man was found. They discovered that he had eaten berries, and when they put them in a Petrie dish, the seeds began to sprout. Life was still in the seeds, and all they had to do was change the culture and they started to grow.