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Sermon Illustrations: Cross

It's interesting that the Greek word for power used in this verse (1 Cor 1:18) is dunamis, the word from which we get our English word dynamo, a generator of electrical power. We've got 240 volts of electricity coming into our place. If I put my finger in the light socket you'd expect that I might get electrocuted. But I won't get electrocuted, not if I've got the fuse in my pocket. It doesn't matter how many volts are connected up to my house if I've unplugged the fuse. Can I suggest to you that according to this verse that says that the message of the Cross is the power of God, that the Cross is like the fuse. If we don't live in the way of the Cross we remove the fuse from our lives and block the high voltage of the power of God. To release the power of God we need an uninterrupted connection to the source. We need to be closely identified with the Cross.