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Sermon Illustrations: Confession

A picture on a postcard shows two goldfish in a bowl. One is whistling and looking outward. The other says, "Don't try to hide it. I can see the bubbles."

Our youth group was sponsoring a child through Compassion. Each person had to contribute $1.50 per week. My daughter had got behind and I told her she was three weeks behind. She said it was only two. I said that I keep records. She said my records weren't very good, and refused to give any more than two weeks. Later, when I went to do some work on my computer, I decided to check the records to prove that I was right. Unfortunately, I found that she was right. I was faced with a decision. I could bluff my way through and not say anything. I could even change the records. No one would have known - except the Lord. My other option was to listen to my conscience, admit my mistake, and say sorry. So that's what I did.

Judas sinned, and instead of repenting to the person he sinned against, he repented to the person he sinned with. Mark T. Barclay