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Sermon Illustrations: Anxiety


Public Health Note: The United States Public Health Service once commented: "No bird ever tried to build more nests than its neighbour. No fox ever fretted because he had only one hole in which to hide. No squirrel ever died of anxiety lest he should not lay by enough for two winters instead of one. No dog ever lost any sleep over the fact that he had not enough bones for his declining years.

A man who claimed that he'd swallowed a horse was referred to a psychiatrist who recommended surgery. Collaborating with the surgeon, they decided to bring a horse into the operating room so that when the man woke up he'd think the operation had succeeded. But when he regained consciousness, the man opened his eyes and exclaimed, "That's not the horse I swallowed. It's white. The one I swallowed was black!"


Worry will take you where you don't want to go, and it will leave you there longer than you want to stay.

I only worry on Wednesdays. Any other day I have a worry I write it down and put it in a box. By the time I get to Wednesday I find most of the worries have been taken care of. J. Arthur Rank - one of the world's major movie producers.

Learn to be a prayer warrior, not a prayer worrier. Kong Hee

Worry about nothing. Pray about everything.

The great enemy of human health is not danger, emotional upheaval or the occasional crisis. Rather, it is the prolonged unrelieved state of worry, anxiety and arousal. Stanton, Dr Harry The Stress Factor p30

Bridges you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren't there. Gene Brown