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Sermon Illustrations: Anointing

I'm never quite sure what a person is implying when they say, "There was no anointing in the service." What does that mean? Do they mean that there were no goose bumps? Or no warm and fuzzy feelings? No one has an infallible anointomometer. You may feel His presence, but the fact that you don't means nothing. God's still there whether we feel Him or not. Whether you sensed the anointing or not depends largely on how you feel, whether you liked the music, whether you liked the look of the minister, whether you've got a headache or you're suffering from indigestion.

David the anointed non-professional looked at Goliath and saw the God of Israel as a giant and Goliath as a dwarf. He said, "Thank God he's so big. My stones can't miss him." Whereas Eliab, the unanointed professional saw Goliath as a giant and himself as a dwarf. Reinhard Bonnke

Mantles are not transferred, they're picked up. (See 2 Kings 2:13 and the story of Elijah and Elisha)