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Communion Message: Super Heroes PDF

Communion Messages: Super Heroes

Have you noticed that there has been a significant increase in the number of movies with a superhero theme?

Most of us have been exposed to Superman movies at least, and there were six of those.

But did you know that there have also been three movies apiece, devoted to Spiderman and the X-Men, four about the Fantastic Four, while Batman has warranted seven?

Then there are Masters of the Universe, Ironman, the Punisher, the Incredible Hulk, the Phantom, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Blade, Daredevil, Captain America, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Flash Gordon, Hercules, Captain Marvel - get the picture?

In fact Google tells me that there are currently 2,184 superheroes across all the cultures of the world; those are the ones in print or in films.

While there are endless variations in the origins of these heroic figures and in the super powers they possess, they also have several things in common.

They are all on a mission to save the world, or at least a part of it.

They are all motivated by a strong sense of justice and the desire to see right prevail.

They all face the challenge of losing something that is important to them, in order to serve the needs of others.

They all face an arch-enemy who is obsessed with their destruction.

They are all misunderstood at some point, or even rejected by the very people they are trying to rescue.

They all have at least one vital weakness that can potentially bring them to their knees, or even kill them.

And yet, even with all their efforts, nobility and self-sacrifice, the population of planet Earth remains under threat from the next lurking villain.

What we really need is a super superhero; one who is bigger, smarter and stronger than them all.

Wouldn't that be fantastic?

The end to all our worries, fears and trials.

The good news is that it's not just a fantasy.

He really does exist.

He is alive and active in the world today.

He is committed to saving, not just Lois Lane or Gotham City, but all of mankind, past, present and future.

He not only seeks what is good, He is truth, goodness and righteousness personified.

He didn't just give up one precious thing, He voluntarily surrendered everything, allowing His body to be brutally broken and His lifeblood to be spilled, because nothing less would meet the price to purchase freedom for others.

He stood face to face with His arch-enemy, Satan, refusing to back down until He was assured of absolute, permanent victory.

His efforts were so misunderstood by those He sought to rescue, that they ganged up on Him and crucified Him!

Despite this, He still persists in His efforts today, pulling each and every one who calls out to Him, free from the wreckage of life.

So who is this amazing hero, and why aren't we singing His praises in the media every day?

His name is one you may already know - Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

What makes Him triumph when others fail?

Unlike others who have tried to be heroes, He has no fatal flaw, no weakness which can bring about His failure.

It's one of many things that set Him apart and above all others.

That's what we are celebrating today as we share communion.

As we eat this bread and drink this cup, He asks us to remember Him.

Let's take time to do that now, with grateful hearts to Jesus, our Super-Super Hero.

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