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Recommended Websites

Often, churches access resources online that are really helpful. Trouble is, a lot of the time, they're the only ones that know about it. In keeping with our purpose to help resource other churches, we wanted to share some of the great websites we've found. Here are some websites we recommend that you visit. Check them out. Some of them have great free resources available for you or your church. Others have stuff that's just worth taking a look at.

Video Clips - This website has already done a lot of the work for you. If you're looking for video clips that you can use in your church service to match up to a particular topic, this website is great. They have hundreds of topics listed in alphabetical order. And the clips aren't from dodgy, unheard of movies either. They have a wide variety - including the occasional Christian movie - from current box office hits. All you have to do is download the clips. So how much does it cost? That depends. If it's important for you to get top quality clips, it's $US139.00 per annum. But if you're happy with medium resolution video clips that you can show in your church without any copyright worries, it's free. And you can't get better than that!

Family Help - You will probably already be familiar with Dr. James Dobson's Focus On The Family broadcasts. Dobson consistently produces and provides high quality resources to help families at every level. There is information on dating, parenting, marriage, spirituality, sex, abuse, addictions and lots more. This site is well-worth a good, long look. - Even if you haven't read the books about the five love languages, you've probably heard about them. Understanding your love language/s is a great tool to help enrich your relationships. This website gives you a simple test that will take you less than five minutes to complete. There are thirty questions, each with only two options, and you have to pick the option that best describes you. The test is free, and at the end you get a breakdown of your love languages and their level of importance in your life. Get your whole family to do it. You can even get your Leadership Team to do it.

Help For Gays And Lesbians - Exodus International is an organisation that focuses on helping gays and lesbians find freedom from homosexuality through Christ. They have an incredibly balanced approach and don't get stuck on either of the two extremes so common in the church today: gay-bashing on the one hand, or accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle on the other. If you need help in this area for yourself, or you're trying to figure out the best way to help a friend or someone in your family, this is the perfect place to start.

Men And Church - This is a companion site to David Murrow's excellent book Why Men Hate Going To Church. The gender gap in churches today is disturbing, to say the least. If, on a Sunday morning, you're wondering where all the men are, there's lots of help on this website to help your church become man-friendly.

Evangelism - This is evangelist Ray Comfort's website. His heart for evangelism is amazing and there's loads of free stuff and ideas here to help you or your church reach people for Christ. A great place to start is to download his message Hell's Best Kept Secret.

Leadership - This website provides all sorts of leadership resources for churches. Included is a reasonably-priced Strengths Assessment that you and your Leadership Team can take. It provides insights into what makes people tick, and how they work in a team setting. The same test is also suitable for couples or families. What's really great about the assessment is that it doesn't measure weaknesses, only strengths, and gives a 27-page rundown on how the person is likely to think, their value to the team, how best to communicate with them, their ideal environment, keys to motivating them, and more.

Church Health And Growth - If you're tired of all the growth stuff, and you're looking for a more balanced and Scriptural approach to building your church, Natural Church Development is a great resource. Using principles that work world-wide, their approach is based on research of over 40,000 churches on six continents. Instead of focusing on numerical growth, they focus on the health of your church in eight key areas. Once your church has been assessed - they supply the survey at a reasonable cost - the idea is to work on the area of your greatest weakness.

Software - DonorTec provides software and hardware donated by companies such as Microsoft to eligible non-profit groups in Australia. Usually you are restricted to one order per supplier per year, but the only cost is a small administrative fee. For instance, for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, the cost is only Au$31.00!

Clipart - If you're looking for royalty free clipart for your newsletter or PowerPoint presentations, this website has stacks. It's easy to type in a topic and do a search.

Resources - has a huge amount of free resources. Complete sermons, along with video clips, and supporting audiovisuals. And yes, it's free! No catches.

Mind Mapping - If you have no idea what mind mapping is, neither did I till March 2009. Having recently taken up the challenge to preach my sermons from memory, I decided there had to be a better way than just a huge amount of brainpower. Someone had mentioned mind mapping, so I searched the internet for something on it. That was on a Monday. That day, I found the software, downloaded it, prepared my sermon and memorised it. All in one day! Mind mapping really works. It's helpful for both preparation and memorisation. It's also a great tool for brainstorming with your leadership team. There are other software packages available on the internet, some are cheaper, and you can even get free software. But I like this one.